• Plastic laminated ceiling
  • Plastic laminated sides
  • PRFV Inner rear
  • PRFV Inner front. This has access to the lighted front, a compartment suitable for glove box or first-aid, front inspection cover.
  • Vehicle equipped with fire extinguisher
  • PRFV dashboard
  • Thermo acoustic insulated felt in bed over the rear engine.
  • Round tubing, coated with epoxy paint. 
  • Antislipping rubber floor-coating
  • Windshield demister
  • Heating in driver’s cabin

Driver’s Cabin:

  • Pneumatic horn
  • Electronic itinerary
  • Lighted keys on dash panel


  • Plastic seats in one piece with upholstered cushions both in velveteen and imitation leather
  • Ergonometric driver’s seat with headrest and seat-belt
  • Seat-belts in backseats.


  • Side curtains
  • LED inner lighting
  • Underneath heating for passengers
  • Roof air-conditioning
  • Suitable installation for roof air conditioning. PRFV inner ducts with hatch vents for air outlets
  • Suitable installation for air curtains placed in 3 doors

Other features

  • Galvanized tubing structure
  • Lifting ramp for differently-abled people
  • Removable bumper
  • Alternative seat types and distribution
  • Electronic indicator lights
  • Bus Billboards
  • Multiplex system in driver’s cabin
  • PVC rubber flooring
  • Audio system installation
  • Multiple heaters