The company

Carrocerías Ugarte is an automotive company that specializes in the design, manufacture as well as commercialization of vehicles for passenger transports.

Our ultimate goal is “The satisfaction of our clients”, which we achieve through the continuous improvement of our products. This is because we believe in constant development and innovation.

Extra Services

We offer a comprehensive management service for the document processing involved in 0km and second-hand vehicles, vehicle licensing both with pledge and registration, carried out by our authorized agents.

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We offer different financing alternatives suitable for the client’s needs. Processing and management of these before several banking institutions.

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Mercedes-Benz Official Service

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Our history

Our story dates back to 1989, the year when Fernando Ugarte founds Autobus S.A with the aim of manufacturing car bodies for passenger transports on chassis of different brands.

His first manufacturing plant was located in the neighborhood of Pompeya with a capacity of 1700m2 of land. On September 3rd 1990, the manufacturing of car bodies was launched with a total of 17 operators and 3 administrative clerks under the supervision of the president of the company, manufacturing an average of 3 units per month.

By the end of 1990, AUTOBUS S.A. starts to develop its products under de Brand name UGARTE and gained a prominent optimization of production.

Due to the high demand of the products in the market, in 1998, the company underwent an expansion process that involved the renovation of a big estate located in Av Juan Bautista Alberdi 7334, in Mataderos neighborhood. This property is around 7000m2 and it is the place where the company is currently operates.

After all these processes and changes, the company has achieved to offer a more efficient and tailored customer service, reaching a manufacturing record of 26 units per month.

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Banking Institutions

Banco Bice

Mercedes Benz Financiera

Nacion Leasing

Santander Rio

Banco Nación

Own Financing

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